Entropy & Microsoft Blaze a Trail for Linux on Azure

Entropy One of First Companies to Deploy Linux on Azure

Over the past few months, quietly and behind the scenes, Entropy has been hard at work with Microsoft's Azure Team on the recently announced Linux App Service on Azure.

As Ruby on Rails and Linux advocates, we were thrilled to be offered the chance to test the new service and work closely with the Microsoft Linux App Team to configure and install our Remarkable Content Management System using the Docker Container system onto the new platform.

Entropy is one of the leading development and managed services companies in the UK...Eddie & Entropy have been a great partner and are a great example of how to achieve success (on the Azure Linux App Service). - Apurva Joshi, Microsoft.

Not only did we quickly and easily get our full Ruby on Rails Remarkable Web App up and running in a Docker Container on Azure, but we've experienced some pretty impressive performance metrics once there - including page rendering speeds of up to 15% faster than the same service running on AWS. What's more, because Microsoft manages the Docker fleet, we don't have to worry about orchestration as Azure takes care of all that for us.

In fact, our Azure story has been told LIVE this week at Microsoft's Build 2017 Conference in Seattle as part of a session presented by Apurva Joshi - 'Container apps on Azure App Service are like peanut butter and chocolate'.

The entire session is great - but if you want to see our contribution skip ahead to about 47:18 in the video below:


What's more, our experience on Azure has been so smooth, we recently moved the entire Entropy Web site (this site) over to Azure as of last week. So you are now experiencing a full Ruby on Rails/Docker experience running on Azure.

Click around, and check out the speed :-)

With a slew of Linux-related announcements at Microsoft Build 2017 this week (including the new Azure Database for PostgresSQL), we are getting even more excited to try out our Apps and services across the platform.

Make sure to get in touch if you want to hear more about how we are making Ruby on Rails and Linux Apps fly on Azure! And we'll keep you updated with more stories and examples as we continue to test out Microsoft's newest App Service.