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Web and Mobile content management for the new app economy

Beautiful & simple content management. Designed your way.

This is Remarkable –Entropy’s totally bespoke, enterprise-grade and fully customisable content management experience, built specifically for the needs of publishers and academic and mediacontent owners. Using our advanced Web and App editing and management tools, Remarkable is blazing the trail for world class and custom content management – designed specifically for the needs of your content and your business.

Editing is a breeze.

Using Remarkable’s advanced asset management library, Editors and Authorscan enjoy a fully interactive, comprehensive, and clean writing and editing experience.

With a beautiful and fully interactive WYSIWYG tool, advanced drag and drop features, and a high performance and extremely user-friendly design, Remarkable provides the most powerful and expansive Web and Mobile editing tools available.

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Enterprise-grade Publishing.

With advanced user management, highly customisable permissions (ensuring users can access only the Web or App elements you specify), and bespoke enterprise settings, Remarkable is setting the standard for flexible and highly customised content management across multiple web sites, apps, and emerging devices.

With Remarkable your team can publish as often as you like – including super-simple bulk publishing options, coordinated release schedules, and complex content rotations.

What’s more, releases can be defined for individual Web pages, content chunks, modules, and sections – ensuring all elements of your Web site or Apps are fully under your control.

Your CMS. Your rules.

The best part is – Remarkable Enterprise Edition is fully designed for your team and your business. It all starts with our first chat, and from there we hit the ground running – designing a Remarkable experience that totally maps to your content, your Web site, and your Apps.

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Remarkable in Action

Remarkable is currently being used by Oxford University Press to power the Oxford Dictionaries Online and Oxford Global Languages in over 12 languages and territories Worldwide including one of the top 500 sites in the world: Oxford Dictionaries Online in English and Spanish.

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